Career Exploration

Senior College Experience for UB Students. Kent State University (OH)  (approved Promising Practice 11/1/16)  The Kent State University Upward Bound Classic Academy supports high school senior success and transition into postsecondary education through a senior curriculum. Designated activities occur during the residential Summer Institute between a student’s junior and senior year. Curriculum is designed so students complete most activities online if unable to attend the Summer Institute. This creates opportunities for students to be better prepared and equipped with handling some of the pressures of life as a high school senior. This document focuses on college exploration. Many activities are interwoven to build upon each other. They lead students to reflect on their personal preferences, detailed research on institutions, and matching their preferences with college choice selection. Goals of the senior college exploration activities: (1) create a personalized action plan for senior year; (2) gain knowledge of the colleges the student will pursue; and (3) self-reflect on their interests,  preferences and qualifications to ensure their college choices are the right fit and meet their needs academically and personally.  

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The following items have been contributed "as is" by TRIO professionals who used them successfully with their programs.

UB Senior College Exploration Curriculum, Kent State University (OH)

ETS Career Planning 6th Grade, Alpena Community College (MI)

ETS Career Planning 7th Grade, Alpena Community College (MI)

ETS Career Planning 8th Grade, Alpena Community College (MI)