Best Practice Categories

Our online program manual contains practices developed by GEAR UP and TRIO professionals that work for their students.  Select from the submenu for to the right for practices developed by staff from a particular grant program.  There is also a link to the last published directory of these practices.  We encourage you to check out all the categories since practices developed within one program could be adapted and used with another.

We have added a new category, "Forms, Program Manuals, and Curriculum". These are items that other professionals use with their programs and share with others to use with their GEAR UP or TRIO programs.  It is from items like this that some may be expanded and later submitted for approval as a best practice.  If you have items to contribute to this clearinghouse, send them to as a PDF or Word document.

This website is useful. I found ten practices for serving first-generation college students. I also looked at one on teaching writing. It’s easy to pick and choose which practices you want to find out more about. I also like how the best practices offered included very detailed information about implementation.
— Staff member at Lewis & Clark Community College (IL)