Recent Center News

The EOA Center has been busy working with educators to support them as they submit new education practices to share with everyone.  Below you will find two of the recent education practices approved in the past year but not in last year's EOA Directory.  Also, see the third column describing upcoming free webinars and conference presentations.



UB Senior College Exploration

The summer curriculum creates opportunities for students to be better prepared and to handle pressures of life as a high school senior.  This best practice focuses on college exploration activities.  Click
"learn more" below to read the best practice.

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ETS academic improvement plan

The ETS staff and student work together to complete a review of academic concerns and reasons for difficulty, assess personal barriers, examine academic and career goals, and then develop a detailed academic action plan (identifies specific obstacles, two solutions for each, and completion dates), and additional recommendations for academic success.  Click "learn more" below to read the best practice..


upcoming webinars and conferences

The EOA National Best Practices Center holds awareness and training events throughout the year to help others learn how to use the education practices developed by others and for professionals to contribute their administrative and education best practices for others.  Click "learn more" below to read the list of upcoming events.