We look forward to reading your best practice story.  This section of the website identifies the steps to share your story.  The EOA National Best Practices Center's staff are also available to answer questions and provide feedback on draft versions of your submission.  Much of the information needed is already available in your recent grant submission, Annual Performance Report, institutional annual reports, program manuals, and other documents you already have.  Much of the information can be copy and pasted to fit the outline needed for your submission. 

As you have questions, contact the EOA Center.  The Center's staff look forward to the conversation and supporting your submission. Office Phone: (612) 625-2928  Office Email:  edpractices@eoa.org

“Identify something in your program that is innovative and consider submitting it as a best practice. It needn’t be a large service or event. It could be something small that has proven to be sustainable and effective over time.”
— Larry Ramos, Best Practice Author, Wichita State University