Writing Assistance Available for Submissions

The EOA National Best Practices Center staff are available to review your draft submission at any point in the process to provide feedback before the final version is sent for review by the external expert panel.  Based on past practices, the most frequent feedback we provide is asking questions to request more specific information that help others to implement your education practice.   

To make the process easier for both you as the author and the review staff, please submit your draft versions in Word format.  The Center staff will use the "tracked changes" feature to place comments in the margins of the document and then return to you. 

Our staff who are involved with this review process are not members of the external expert panel and therefore have no influence with the decision whether to approve your submission.

Send your draft submissions to edpractices@eoa.org   We look forward to partnering with you to share great education practices with others.  Call 612-625-2928 for additional information.